Raphael Bas

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NolAmour CD


Price: $15.00 (+ $2.50 shipping domestic only)

The twelve tracks include a mixture of original and re-arranged French songs, Gypsy Jazz, Swing and melodic ballads, under cut with Latin and New Orleans Jazz undertones.


  1. NolAmour
  2. 20 Años
  3. Swing 48
  4. Germaine
  5. Blue Drag
  6. Tears
  7. J'aime Paris
  8. Django's Castle
  9. Snake Charmer
  10. La Complainte
  11. La Foule
  12. A Wonderful World
Jplie Songe CD

Joli Songe

Price: $15.00 (+ $2.50 shipping domestic only)

The thirteen tracks include a mixture of original French songs, Gypsy Jazz fast Swing and captivating ballads, along with early Blues and New Orleans Trad Jazz.


  1. Gypsy Boogie
  2. Jolie Mademoiselle
  3. Ouverture
  4. La Ballade Du Gitan
  5. Songe D'Automne
  6. L'Immense Sahara
  7. Joseph, Joseph
  8. Caravan
  9. Careless Love
  10. Martinique Alley
  11. Crawfish Blues
  12. Out of Nowhere
  13. Sainte Sarah
Harmonouche/Raphael Bas CD


Price: $15.00 (+ $2.50 shipping domestic only)

The diatonic harmonica has been widely used in blues and pop music but very little in jazz and swing. This CD is an attempt to give the harmonica greater recognition among other traditional jazz instruments.


  1. Belleville
  2. Tears
  3. Gadjo's March
  4. Sweet Joy
  5. Dinette
  6. Douce Ambiance
  7. Henri's Carnival
  8. Le Knock Off
  9. Where Are You My Love
  10. Black'n White
  11. Confessin'
  12. Moonlight